Oftentimes business owners get stuck. Why? Well, I believe that it's common to start a business, rush into your most favorite parts, and forget about the rest. This leaves you as the business owner living in the unknown, wondering what your next step should be. Without a coach or guide, it is tough to know what that is.

I also believe that creating a solid foundation for your business can be done at any time. Let's get started and F L O W in your business with ease!

What can you expect?

Monthly Trainings

Every single month we will have an in-depth training on one of the 3 areas ยป Reveal, Create and Attract. Following each training, you can stay on to ask questions to make sure you are taking your next right step. All trainings will be housed in our Resource Library for future reference.

Weekly Coaching

Once a week, you have the option to jump on our group coaching calls. Even if you don't have a specific question that week, I am certain that you will gain knowledge from the others on the call.

Growing Resource Library

You can see a sampling of what you will find if you scroll down just a little bit on this page. This resource will grow consistently with new knowledge, videos, audios and worksheets. All with the goal of helping you grow your business.

Business is my love language.

People often apologize for asking me a question about business. My first thought is 'are they crazy?' -- I honestly couldn't ask for a better conversation starter. I live + breathe the world of business and questions on how to grow are my very favorite.

I truly can't wait to have a time in my calendar every week for business owners to ask their questions. It honestly makes me giddy! I would be honored to have you join the community.

Wondering what this will cost you?

Tena Pettis // FLOW Coaching

Hi! I'm tena.

My heart beats for business owners. Why? Because I know from experience that this journey isn't an easy one. From the minute I heard that 'business coaches' existed, I had to have one. I am where I am today because I sought guidance and I am coachable.

I believe that there are a handful of things that hold us back in business. A few of those include focus, confidence and a clear direction... Oh and other people's opinions!

This past summer I stepped into my 13th year in business. Over the years I have coached 1,000's of business owners -- helping them achieve their goals and conquer the unknown.

My goal? To support 100 people within this community and watch from the front row as their businesses grow!